Contact info
ReUse, Department of architectural engineering, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Architectural engineer and professor in building technology, renovation and conservation
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels

Research interest
19th and 20th century, materials and building techniques, iron and steel structures, technology of reinforced concrete, architectural and industrial heritage  

Research projects in the field of Construction History

Post-War Building Materials in Housing in Brussels (1945-1975). Dissemination of knowledge
Innoviris, 2015.
Construction History, VUB - Strategic Research Program-Groeiers, 03/2014-02/2019.
Preserving historical urban warehouses by understanding their architecture and technology, FWO project, 2014-2017.
RETROCO. Understanding and conserving the post-war housing stock in Brussels (1945-1975).
Retrofit for Continuity,
Innoviris, 2013-2014.
Creating a typology of warehouses for Brussels and beyond, Innoviris, 05-09/2012.
Contribution of the glass cladding to the overall structural behaviour of 19th century iron and glass roofs, IWT grant, 2008-2012
Representative publications in the field of Construction History
I. Wouters, M. de Bouw and A. Verdonck, ‘Restoration of the 1824 Wissekerke iron suspension footbridge: Construction details revealed’, International Journal of Architectural Heritage. Conservation, analysis and restoration, vol. 9, issue 7, 2015, pp. 745-759
I. Wouters and I. Bertels, ‘Building with bookcases: an archive depot in iron (Antwerp, 1851)’ in: B. Bowen et al (eds.), Proceedings of the fifth International Congress on Construction History. ICCH2015: Construction History Society of America. Chicago, vol. 3, 2015, pp. 621-628.
I. Wouters and I. Bertels, ‘Production and assembly marks in wrought iron structures’ in: J. W. Campbell (ed.), Proceedings of the first Conference of the Construction History Society. CHS 2014: Construction History Society. Cambridge, 2014, pp. 469-474.
I. Wouters, Renovatie van de fire proof mill in Brussel. Bouwtechniek – draagvermogen - brandweerstand, PhD Thesis, VUB, 2002.
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